This manifesto is entirely preliminary and subject to change. All opinions and suggestions welcome.

We are white and black, poor and rich. We are professors, mothers and nurses. Some of us may have arrived 40 years ago and others last week. But we refuse to let our being born in a country other than the one we live in turn into a weapon against us.

Representation and support

We want to reclaim the label of immigration and turn it into a proud umbrella under which immigrants from all parts of society and those who love them can come together to support one another in erasing xenophobia. 

We believe that in order to fight xenophobia and protect immigrants, we have to stand together and make ourselves seen. Let us speak for ourselves and create our own image.

We want to break down the barriers between ‘desirable’ and ‘undesirable’ immigrants which serve only to silence us, disempower us and allow for xenophobic rhetoric to disguise itself as moderate.

Societal change
We do not want to live in a society where messages of hatred against immigrants are in any way acceptable. 
We demand that together, as a society, we work together to find new solutions to problems which are blamed on immigrants.